Friday, March 14, 2014

A couple more NN3000 polishes.

Today's swatches are two more beauties from NailNation3000.  One of these days I'm going to have to show you my polish collection, and you will know why I have featured almost exclusively this brand since I started my blog.  Actually, I do plan on trying to swatch my entire collection, but that could  Ahh....the perils of a polish addict.  :)

So the first of the two is  Take The Crown.  I featured this one earlier, but my swatches had stamped images over it, so it deserves a color-only swatch photo.  :)  This one is a "crelly" (a creme-jelly) in a gorgeous royal blue color.  The color shows slightly deeper than this photo, but still amazing.  This formula requires at least 2 coats for decent opacity, but shown here is 3 coats, which is total opacity.  The creme-jelly formula is unique, and it dries a somewhat matte finish.  I used topcoat in this photo, which is why there's a great shine.

Next up today is one of NailNation3000's "Black Box" polishes.  These specialties are ones that are priced slightly higher due to the amount of ingredients that go into them.  They also come in a black box (did you guess?  lol), and they also include a swatch sample in the box as well.  Here's a pic:

This gorgeous black box polish is called City of Ember.  This is a mesmerizing golden orange, with a holographic sparkle and a mirror-ish sheen.  It's opaque in two coats (as shown here), and has a smooth formula with beautiful finish.  Different lighting gives you a different look.  It's like having three polishes in one.  Amazing.

I am one of those strange people that loves to swatch polishes, so expect to see LOTS more swatches to come and many more brands as well.  See you next time!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quick Hibiscus - Fauxtorial

If you've never heard the term used before, the quick description is a quick version of a tutorial where I show you quickly the products I used to create a look, rather than showing you step by step.  Some designs are easy enough to do that if you're not a total noob at stamping, you can re-create it without much instruction. 

Now, I often get requests from people for looks they can wear at the office.  I realize that not everyone can wear neons and funky colors, textures, or even different designs altogether on different hands (yes, I've sported that on more than one occasion).  That's why I sometimes pull out the nude shades and make a look that doesn't scream "I AM A FREAK ABOUT NAIL ART!  LOOK AT MEEEE!!!"  lol

Here's the tutorial, click to view:

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Getting Ready for St. Patricks Day with this mani!

Yep, I'm finally ahead of the holiday again.  I didn't want to wait to share it with you, either, so here's a link directly to my new tutorial video:

Or click to see it here:

Have a great day!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

If you LOVE pink....

... then you are going to LOVE this next one!  This polish is another of the amazing NN3000 polishes!  It's called Not To Burst Your Bubble, and believe me, this does NOT burst any happy bubble you may have about this one.  It's a very pretty bright pink, with a soft linear holo and a soft scattered holo.  With just two coats of it, it's opaque, and what sets this pink apart from others is that it dries in a semi-matte finish.  I'm not usually a matte person, but this one is cool because the non-topcoated matte has this almost sparkly-sand finish, only not bumpy. The holo looks like a soft and scattered holo.  Then put some shiny topcoat, and you have a whole new polish - it's shiny, rich, and the holo appears more linear and stronger.  Get it in the sunlight, and WOW!

So, let's have a look at it in each form:
No Topcoat, No Flash, Natural Light
With Topcoat, With Flash

No Topcoat, With Flash

Same polish, different personalities.  :)  I also found this polish to dry somewhat faster than regular polish.  Kinda like neon polishes dry just somewhat faster, know what I mean?  Anyway, I'm going to enjoy sporting these for as long as it lasts.  On fake nails, this stuff goes strong for at LEAST a week.  Natural nails are harder to predict, since everyone's natural nails wear differently.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

NN3000 Goodies Continues...

I have a goal.  My goal is to eventually have swatches up of every polish I own.  That's an ambitious project for someone like me.  I have LOTS of bottles.  LOTS.  So, I like to show you my most recent acquisitions so it's fresh.  But please plan on seeing old and new as I go along.  Some will be still available to get, some will not.  But I'm doing this for the love of polish, and for YOU!  :)  So let's continue with my NN3000 newest goodies. 

 First up, Dionysus.  It's beautiful.  It's got multiple personalities, not all of which wanted to cooperate with the camera.  It's kind of like asking Sybil to show everyone on queue.  It doesn't always work like that.  SOOOO, I gave you an angled shot of it to try and see the multi colors you get in this bottle.  Then of course, the usual with-flash and no-flash shots. 
Dionysus WITH flash
No Flash
See the mutli colors in the bottle?

 Next let's talk about a trio.  A trio exists, and I have two of them.  The trio includes Hook, Line & Sinker.   What a fun name for a trio of awesomeness that is NN3000 polishes!  First, let's see HOOK:  It's a soft silver, with holo, and almost a pearly metallicy kind of goodness to it.  The holo shines best in good lighting, or in photos with flash.


The other one of the trio I have to show, is SINKER.  That's right, I don't have hook.  But Sinker is just TOO pretty!!  It's so pretty, it was worth taking three photos of it to show you it's personality.  In dim light, it's a pretty pink.  In fact, it's a shade of pink I really like.  It's bright without being too bright, it's not punch-you-in-the-face pink either.  It's just right.  Anyway, I digress.... dim light, pink.  Slightly brighter light, you see holo beginning to show.  With flash (or sunlight), the holo in this goddess of a polish is like BAM!  HOLO PINK!!!  :)  So without further ado, photo time:
Sinker, NO FLASH

Sinker, Slightly brighter

Sinker WITH FLASH (BAM!!!)

Soooo... I'm gonna let you ponder on these for a bit.  And of course, there's more coming!  This new NN3000 series is not over yet!  :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Today's featured polishes are...

That's right, this is a series of posts all featuring NailNation3000 polishes!  I love them all, so if you're reading this, expect me to be gushing about them all!  :)

First up, Aurora Rose: this is a beautiful and multi-look polish, with that hint of holo, along with a color morph that is luminous like a gold pearl underneath.  To see it below, you'd think it was two different polishes, but it's not.  Smooth as silk, easy application. 
 2 coats, with Flash
No Flash

 Now, for a 2-in-1 shot, showing Shine on Me (a gold glitter and gold leaf topcoat), and Greek Goddess (a golden toned, holographic topcoat).  They are shown on the first two fingers over regular black polish, and then again over white on the last two fingers.  Shine on Me has amazing sparkle and with REAL gold leaf, you'll feel fancy!  :) Greek Goddess looks good over white, too, but it didn't want to shine on camera.  Just look at the middle finger which is GG over black.  She played nice for the camera on that finger. 

ONE coat, over black and white, w/ flash
No Flash

If you're looking for NailNation3000  polishes to get them for your own collection, visit her online store here and follow her Facebook page here!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

NailNation3000 new GOODIES!!!!

I got the absolute BEST package yesterday, FILLED with goodies from Maria at NailNation3000.  The wizard has been busy making new polishes, and once I stopped drooling over the new bottles to grace my collection, I started to swatch and photograph each one to share with you!  Here's just a couple of them... more tomorrow!

Let's begin with a beautiful blue, called Smoke on the Water

No Flash

With Flash
This blue is light, but not too light, soft but not muddy.  It has that hint of holo that is more noticable in sunlight, but it has that soft personality.  This is two coats, smooth formula, no drag. 

NEXT up, a color I have been waiting for - a nice seafoam green that reminds me of the Crayola crayon I remember using as a child.  And, being the wizard Maria is, it has that neat soft holo that I have come to know and love.  OH how I LOVE this color!!!! As is the case with most of her colors, they look so much better in person! These photos are two coats, smooth formula, easy application.

It's called, Stay Off the Grass

with flash
No Flash

Next, is a color that is so hard to photograph because of the multiple ways this looks depending on the light you're in, the angle you're looking at it, etc...  It's a soft purple with holo, the kind you can get away with wearing just about anywhere.   Here's two coats, just as smooth as the others to apply. 

This one is called, Under Cover Lover  (2 coats):

With Flash

No Flash

I have more beautiful polishes to show you, more coming tomorrow!